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14k Solid Gold Matte Onyx


Onyx & Gold- An amplified combination to help you balance your energies. The stone of self-control and commitment.

Wear to dissolve negativity, when facing adversaries and conflicts of all kinds.





Healing Properties


Gold is the metal of royalty and the divine father energy. Solar energy, the archetypal male energy, confidence vitality
Chakra: all, solar plexus, sexual and creative
Mildly active on its own and is best combined with other minerals to focus and amplify its physical healing properties


Inner strength, focused attention, willpower, self-mastery, discipline, reason
Chakras: root, solar plexus, third eye

It’s a stone of inner and physical strength. Enhances one’s endurance and persistence
Increases one’s ability to maintain focused. Allows one to learn challenging new material and use well all that one has mastered
Boosts the retention of memory and encourages attention to details Cools and condenses excessive energies Calms nervousness, quells anxiety, soothes hot tempers and brings reason to passion Works well with other stones and consolidates them

Can be useful for those suffering from weak legs, or who have difficulty grounding or eliminating bodily wastes or excess energy


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